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Signs that signify that it’s time to buy a new water heater

By mainowner on Nov 04 in Uncategorized.

When you need a new water heater

Warm water is a very important necessity in our daily life. Be it hand washing, cooking, bathing or laundry; we need warm water for each and every time. But sometimes, our water heater becomes faulty and makes our life tough to live. Like all the other things, your water heater is bound to come to an end at some point of its life. It is our responsibility to find out the symptoms, which signify that our water heater has taken its last breath and needs to be changed. So, let us discuss about those symptoms more precisely:

  1. Is your heater old?

It is very important to know how old your heater is. Generally, most of the heaters can stay up to 8 to 10 years. So, it is advisable to change your heater after 10 years, but sometimes you need to change your heater before as well, depending on the state of it. To check the age of your water heater, you can look at the top of it where you will find the manufacturers sticker. There, you will get a serial number and the first two numbers will represent the year, but sometimes the stickers may vary. To get the more precise result, you can check the manufacturer’s website.

  1. Are you getting rusty water?

Getting hot and rusty water is a very significant sign that your water heater needs to be changed. It signifies that your water heater is getting rusted from inside and very soon it will start leaking. To comprehend whether your heater is rusty or not, fill four to five gallons of water in different containers or buckets and if you find that the rust is coming out only from the hot water, then you may need a new water heater. The key reason of the rusty water is the corrosion of still inside your water heater, which mainly happens due to the aging of it.

  1. Are you getting enough hot water?

Imagine, you are getting a shower and your water becomes cold before you are done with it. Then, maybe it is the time when you should start thinking about getting a new water heater. Not getting enough hot water is the most common sign which indicates that your heater is done with its service. This mainly happens due to building up of sediments in your water heater, which splits the water from all of the heat sources and fills up space.

  1. Are you hearing any banging or rumbling noise from your water heater?

Another common symptom of heater damage is the rumbling noise from it. As the heater gets older, you will observe that the sounds will increase proportionately with the increase of the heat.  This symptom occurs when sediments get started to store in the bottom of the heater. The more sediment will build up, the more energy and heaters capacity will be wasted. You will realize that your heater is no more capable of providing you with the hot water that it used to offer you earlier.

  1. Can you see water behind your water heaters?

Finding water around your water heater is a sign that maybe it has a leak. Due to the immense heat the metal expands and causes several slight fractures, and as a result of that, the water gets leaked. Once the metal cools down, the inner tank will stop leaking. So, if you can find any water around your heater, then you may consider buying a new water heater.

Without water heaters, we have to face a lot of problems, especially during the time of winters. We are very much dependent on our water heaters to live our daily life. Try to read the signs, which your heater is giving to you so that you can take necessary steps. So, have a look at the above-written article and get a brief idea about the warnings that show you need to change your heater.